10 Power Moves To Improve Your Law Firm’s Online Reputation

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The marketing and social media landscape for law firms is constantly evolving, and quick adaptability is crucial to maintaining and growing a client base. Today’s best practices are likely to reach obsolescence quickly and be replaced by the newest online engagement trend. Even so, smart law firm marketing executives understand that non-engagement is a recipe for disaster and will result in a downward trend in client acquisition. Potential issues related to lack of repeat business due to weakened credibility may also arise. Size aside, all law firms must periodically step back and assess their online marketing strategy, and place a particular emphasis on their online reputation. Systematic and disciplined online reputation management has the potential to enhance profitability or turn around a negative client acquisition trend, even if the firm is a late entrant into this type of marketing. There are 10 power moves that can help you get back on track and tie all the loose ends of your reputation-based marketing strategy. Read More