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Lawyers Purchasing Group (LPG)

Once insured with Lawyer’s Protector Plan, you become a member of Lawyers Purchasing Group.

Online Continuing Education Programs

Up to 5 hours free CLE for each lawyer in the firm through Hinshaw & Culbertson’s

Risk Management Consultation

Toll-Free Hotline: Up to 4 hours per lawyer of confidential consultation with nationally recognized legal malpractice counsel, available 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST Online: Fill out the Risk Management Consultation Agreement on to have a senior risk management attorney contact you within 24 hours Website

At, access the most comprehensive risk management website available for law firms, where members can download:

  • Samples of engagement letters
  • Checklists for screening new clients
  • Help in determining whether to sue a client for fees
  • Self-audit forms


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LPG Pricing by Firm Size

1-10 attorneys $150

11-20 attorneys $249

21-29 attorneys $299

30+ attorneys $349

New To LPP?

If you are a new insured of Lawyer’s Protector Plan, please fill out the Lawyers Purchasing Group application and download the LPG Info Flyer for additional information.