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7 Tips For Law Firms To Make A Cyber Attack Comeback

A law firm’s cybersecurity strategy depends upon fully monitoring and responding to a diverse threat landscape — but this is no easy feat, with daily projects and additional demands that tend to stretch IT resources. While day-to-day maintenance tasks and insider risk protocols are important for long-term protection from different types of cybersecurity threats, it’s important to acknowledge that no solution is 100% effective. No matter how much money a firm is currently investing in cybersecurity, the reality is that it ... Read more

Are You Prepared To Minimize Cybersecurity Threats?

Behind every splashy headline is a legal industry that’s duking it out – helping to support entrepreneurs and big corporations in a power struggle to dominate their industry. From patent disputes to employment contracts, law firms have a lot of exposure to sensitive information. Because of their involvement, confidential information is stored on the enterprise systems that law firms use. This makes them a juicy target for hackers that want to steal consumer information and corporate intelligence. Read More at ... Read more

Are Potential Clients Judging Your Firm’s Cybersecurity Practices By Your Law Firm’s Website?

As the saying goes, you can’t judge a book by its cover. But can you judge a firm’s cybersecurity practices by its law firm website? Two recent cybersecurity breaches involving small law firms suggests that the answer is a resounding yes. When it comes to security practices, websites are worth 1000 words. Websites like the two examples broadcast that these firms haven’t kept pace with technology and don’t recognize its value. As such, these attorneys aren’t likely to be well-schooled in, ... Read more

Is Your Firm Prepared for Cyber Risks?

Law firms, more than other business entities, are prime targets of computer-system penetration. Law firms have access to their clients’ personal information, including heavily regulated information like health and financial information. In many instances, law firms themselves are considered associated entities as typically defined under certain data/cyber laws. Unfortunately, the operation of law firms, like many professional enterprises, is often not managed as closely or efficiently as other businesses where management is not also a direct source of revenue (the billable ... Read more

Does Your Firm Understand Cyber Liability Insurance?

Many law firms believe that cyber liability risks are already covered by legal professional liability (LPL) or indemnity insurance. While LPL insurance affords some coverage for cyber liability risks, it also includes a number of grey areas as well as specific areas where there is clearly no coverage due to the scope of the insuring agreement, definitions, and exclusions. Read More on Cyber Liability Risks at Lockton! Read more

Law Firm Cybersecurity At Serious Risk

Last year, major incidents involving law firm data breaches brought attention to the weaknesses within law firm data security and the need for more effective plans and preparation. An American Bar Association (ABA) survey reveals that 26% of firms (with more than 500 attorneys) experienced some sort of data breach in 2016, up from 23% in 2015. Law firms make excellent targets for fraudsters because of two major reasons. First, the nature of client information that law firms possess is very ... Read more

Cybersecurity Business Risks Are Rampant For Law Firms

Law firms have never been very good with technology, and now they are struggling, as breaches in firms have made headlines and clients increasingly are asking questions about their security programs. Law firms are basically the same as any other company when it comes to countering cyber attacks and protecting their confidential and proprietary data. The only difference is that law firms have ethical rules that require confidentiality of attorney-client and work product data. These ethics rules already have provisions addressing ... Read more

Law Firms Must Manage Cybersecurity Risks

Are You Prepared To Manage Cybersecurity Risks? Cybersecurity is evolving. This is more than just a technology issue or an added clause in the retainer agreement—it’s the biggest risk that law firms face in 2017. Cybersecurity no longer can be relegated to the IT department or be part of general guidelines on computer use. Cybersecurity, is part of doing business. Why are law firms behind on this issue? The problem is money. To have an effective cyber security program requires, at minimum, ... Read more

Do You Know The Top 6 Cyber Attacks On Law Firms?

Law Firms have increasingly become major targets for cyber-attacks. Practices of all sizes are at risk as they handle many types of sensitive data yet are intimidated by applying necessary safe guards to secure it. Protecting data is the most critical step all law firms must enforce but many put it off assuming they'll never be targeted. The top 6 data breaches in recent history according to the ABA Journal have been in Panama City, New York City, Worldwide, London, Toronto, ... Read more

Protect Your Firm Against Cyber Attacks

We’re quickly approaching 2018, and a week doesn’t go by without another variant of malware causing havoc across the globe. What caught the attention of lawyers was an apparent infection in one of DLA Piper’s European offices that brought the law firm’s normal operations to a halt. As we write, the extent of the damage is still unclear. Times have changed since CryptoLocker first ran wild in 2013, but the results are still as devastating. The costs of ransoms have significantly ... Read more
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