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Guide to LinkedIn

LinkedIn conversations tend to keep within business parameters, which creates a strong niche audience that will be receptive to the right messaging. LinkedIn is as close to a social network “tool” as a brand can get—you pick it up when you need it and put it down when you don’t. It’s not a virtual hangout where users are plugged in 24/7, like Twitter and Facebook. Users are generally looking for jobs, business prospects or to improve their personal brand. If you ... Read more

Marketing with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

Facebook Business is a great way to develop and leverage a profile dedicated specifically to your firm or solo practice. Establishing an account is simple, as Facebook’s company page builder guides you through each step of the process. Like a LinkedIn company page, a Facebook business account gives you access to the tremendous advertising potential of the world’s largest social network. Not only can business owners develop and deploy advertising with Facebook Business, but the site’s analysis and reporting tools ... Read more

Using Social Media as an Alternate Method of Service

Next time you open Facebook, could a summons be waiting for you in your inbox? Service by social media remains relatively uncharted waters with the exception of a handful of cases. Yet it stands to provide a cost-effective and efficient method of alternate service, particularly in cases where a subject is evading service or has gone overseas. A primary concern regarding service by social media is the authenticity of a profile. In the event of a long-term relationship, a spouse ... Read more

10 Steps to Social Media for Lawyers

Do You Have a Social Media Marketing Plan For Your Law Firm? While social media adoption has increased among law firms, a new study showed that many are ineffective at using it to drive reach and engagement. Social media can provide lawyers with insights about clients, trends in public opinion, and share of voice in the legal field. Many smart lawyers are now using social media to gain exposure for their law firms and gain advantage over their competitors. This article explains ... Read more

Why Law Schools Need to Engage With Students About Social Media

How Should Law Schools Approach Social Media? Lawyers embraced social media roughly in 2012. By 2016, 74% of firms maintained a corporate presence on social media. Roughly the same number, 76%, of individuals working in law firms maintained at least one social media profile. 25 % of lawyers on social media say they have had clients retain them because of their social media usage. The ABA's 2016 Legal Technology Survey Report makes some suggestions to lawyers that are equally helpful for law ... Read more

4 Social Media Practices That Boost SEO

For good social media management to have a real impact on your SEO strategy, you must create content that users will find interesting and want to share with their friends and followers online. For a law firm, this often starts with regular blogging, and covering a wide range of topics related to your area(s) of practice. The search engines will also take notice if your website experiences a significant growth in traffic due to the quality of the content you are ... Read more

3 Smart Ways to Getting Leads on Social Media

Have you tried #socialselling? Jeff Bennion shared the 3 rules to getting clients on social media on his blog from Jan 2017: "Assume that visitors to your site are going to spend about 30 seconds there, and if they can’t find what they are looking for, they will go onto one of the other 100 websites that showed up in the Google search results for lawyers with your specialty in your area. People coming to your website are going to have three ... Read more

4 Smart Ways to Profile Your Social Media Customers

Have you used sophisticated searches within social media? Lecia Kaslofsky shared four easy techniques to search the publicly accessible part of social media: "We all hear about this place called “social media” where people share too much about themselves. Ever feel like the person not invited to that party? You might think that, as a lawyer with ethical obligations, you would not be able to access the good stuff. In a lot of cases, that’s true but in many, many more it’s ... Read more

6 Ways to Start Earning Clients on Social Media

Have you used social media to grow your practice? Roman Winter shared top 6 rules to brand your presence on social media: "You don’t have to have a firm plan, but it’s a clever idea to have a plan in place for your content. You need to know what your content strategy is going to be and what content will be interesting to your target audience. Think about what would make your target audience share something or interact with. To use social ... Read more

Are In-Person Meetings and Verbal Communications Still Relevant?

Online vs. In-Person Communications Whether we like it or not, we live in a world of technology. E-mail. Video chats. Online dating. Texting. Gone are the days of mailing a letter and awaiting a written response in the mail or a telephone call to discuss. E-mails and texts have replaced phone calls and handshakes. We multitask now more than ever because it seems that tasks and actions are expected to be completed immediately. Our reliance upon technology has led to a ... Read more
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