6 Tips to Keep Your Law Firm’s Content Strategy on Track

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A content strategy within the context of legal practice is often devised with the objective of positioning lawyers, practice groups or industry teams as thought leaders in their respective areas of expertise. This kind of strategy rests on a simple foundation that answers what you want to be known and whom do you want to know it. Once you’ve articulated a message and defined your audience, you move on to the more complicated exercise of devising and deploying tactics. Content creation and promotion is an on-going process. Depending on the type of communications you’ve planned, that process will go on for months or years. And it will involve many moving parts. Lawyers, who are typically the primary content creators in a law firm, will have varying degrees of free time to write. Your mailing list will inevitably change over time. New distribution and social media platforms will emerge. Trends in content marketing will evolve. There are six ways to keep your content strategy on track. Read More