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3 Smart Ways to Getting Leads on Social Media

By July 19, 2017No Comments

Have you tried #socialselling?

Jeff Bennion shared the 3 rules to getting clients on social media on his blog from Jan 2017: “Assume that visitors to your site are going to spend about 30 seconds there, and if they can’t find what they are looking for, they will go onto one of the other 100 websites that showed up in the Google search results for lawyers with your specialty in your area. People coming to your website are going to have three main questions: (1) do you seem intelligent/capable, (2) can you help me with my specific problem (do you do my area of law and have you had any good results in the past), and (3) how much do you cost? That’s about it. So create your website so that it answers those questions and make those the focus. Do I have to read paragraph after paragraph in your About Me section about your dedication to excellence and the highest standard of client care to mine for the answers to those three questions? No one coming to your site cares about that fluff language. Get to the point. You have 30 seconds before you lose the site visitor.”

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About Jeff Bennion: Jeff Bennion is a solo practitioner at the Law Office of Jeff Bennion. He serves as a member of the Board of Directors of San Diego’s plaintiffs’ trial lawyers association, Consumer Attorneys of San Diego. He is also the Education Chair and Executive Committee member of the State Bar of California’s Law Practice Management and Technology section. Contact him by email at [email protected].