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Law Firm Risk Management

Avoiding The ‘Data Liability Trap’: Protecting Against Third-Party Data Security Risks

By July 27, 2019No Comments

This may be difficult for most people to accept, but your data is everywhere. The more websites you shop online, the more you are providing personal data in the process. The more you search online, the more that the internet service provider you are using (as well as the search engine) gets to know about your interests and internet-surfing habits. Whether you like it or not, this loss of privacy in exchange for the convenience of a connected world is a fact of everyday online life. More than that, those sites are most likely sharing that personal information with third parties (ostensibly consistent with their privacy policies, but that’s a discussion for another time). For companies that are providing third parties with personal data they have collected as part of their business operations, they may think that their contractual allocation of liability limits their risk. Read More