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Law Firm Succession Planning

Succession Planning: A Difficult but Essential Topic to Tackle for Law Firm’s Ongoing Success Into the Future

By November 1, 2018No Comments

Client Relationship Management is a crucial piece of the puzzle if a firm wants to succeed in the future with the new lawyers moving to the top of the ladder. Sharrer says, “The client has concerns. Among these are questions like: “Is this person one who can lead my business?” Or, “Can I turn to these young partners to provide me sound-advice?” Further, clients wonder how long these new partners will stick around in today’s highly volatile workplace. Are the going to be around for a few months, years, or are these new partners going to stick around for the long-haul? Client working relationships must be managed accordingly. Any client, with reason, has concerns over departing-partners with whom they have worked with for years leaving the firm. For any law firm to succeed, it is highly critical to reassure these clients that their business matters, and that the firm will carry on that “legacy,” the departing partners have created.Read More