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Cyber Liability

Are Things Improving In The Legal Industry For Cybersecurity?

By January 2, 2018No Comments

Last year’s (2017) research, Challenges at the Intersection of Cybersecurity and Legal Services: Cybersecurity Surveys of Law Firms and Departments, concludes that the state of law firm and law department cybersecurity is still fractured: many continue to struggle with managing cyber threats. When it comes to law firms, they have become slightly more prepared over the past year. More law firm respondents are now assessing, planning and taking action when it comes to cybersecurity. For law firms, much of this upwards trend likely stems from client pressures. 82% of law firm respondents indicated that clients are requiring them to upgrade their cybersecurity capabilities. In interviews with law department general counsel, it became clear why. One GC of a Fortune 100 company noted that they are willing to take firms that are not meeting their standards of their preferred provider panel. Read More at