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An important ancillary coverage in the Aspen American form is the Reimbursement for Security Incident Response Expenses supplementary payment. The Aspen form provides up to a maximum of $10,000 per security incident and $25,000 per policy period. Security incident response expenses are any expenses incurred by the Insured to: 1) hire cyber forensic analysts to determine the extent of an actual security breach that has occurred; or 2) comply with state or local privacy laws requiring that notification and credit monitoring services are to be provided to individuals when the security, confidentiality or integrity of their personal information has been compromised.

The Lawyers Protector Plan has partnered with Aspen American Insurance Company since 2013 and offers comprehensive professional liability coverage to attorneys and law firms across the country. While many professional liability coverage forms have similar general coverages, exclusions, and conditions, it is important to dive deeper into a policy to understand the complete package of ancillary or supplementary coverages available.

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